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Six hands exhibition with SO_ME and CREAM @ A.L.I.C.E. Gallery, Bruxelles, Belgium, March 2009.

Separated for far too long, the three brothers with silly nicknames, Cream, 2Shy and So Me, are finally reunited in, however ironic it may
seem, their father’s city of birth, Brussels.
The story goes that on his deathbed, their father told each of them about one part of a map that leads to Barbarossa’s treasure. He then
swallowed the map and died. This meant that only the 3 of them TOGETHER could find the mythical treasure.
The bad boys expect to see you at Alice Gallery to admire the works born from their fruitful union. They worked the old-school way, a bit
like Disney from back in the days. The tall one traces the contours, the skinny one colours inside the lines and the little one is in charge of
the framing. It’s a rare synergy in our time, but one that transpires a sense of both love and pain with every stroke of the crayon Triple
Trouble is the unexpected reunion of three kids with big hearts.