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Muralissimo is a long-term street-art festival in Kiev, Ukraine. It had started in 2010, and it is supposed to last till 2012, when
Euro'12, UEFA football championship's final will take place here. The festival activity is focused on big paintings on buildings
facades, and during this period many such murals should be created in city space.

Olivier 2SHY is the first artist, invited to participate in Muralissimo, and the work he did is the start-signal for the whole project.
2SHY's mural is combining poster-like approach, light quotations of classic, as well as mass culture items in the content
(obviously, those of M.C. Escher and computer game theme), and its execution in rough spray manner.

The wall was 15m wide x 18m high in the centrum of Kiev,
Realized with paint and spray cans in November 2010.
In association with the French Institute of Ukraine and the LAVRA gallery.

Thanks to SASHA!