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2SHY - Abel Iglesias - Paul Loubet - MartÍ Sawe
September-november 2019
Montana galery / Barcelona

"Faneto" is the word used by rapper Chief Keef, in the song that bears the same name, to refer to finesse .
This ambassador of drill music, often distorts the image of brands of luxury like Versace and Gucci turning them into street fetish icons.
Thanks to him, the elegant and fine becomes aggressive and grotesque. When four artists from the world of graffiti appropriate four decorative arts techniques using their own cultural references, they transform the classic in something colorful, anarchic and childish.
So are we talking about another "Faneto"?

"This car I got, it came from Barcelona"

The Barcelona artist Martí Sawe presents a series of iron sculptures intervened by means of welding and painting, while Abel Iglesias also shows a installation in which textiles, lights and paintings are mixed.
"These shoes I got, came from fuckin 'Paris", the Parisian 2shy has worked on a series of colorful rugs made of wool, while the Frenchman living in Valencia Paul Loubet focuses his works on painting and inflatable textile ink for screen printing .

Thanks to Anna Dimitrova to make it happen!


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