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Exhibition with Paul Loubet at la Galerie Centrale in Liège, Belgium.
August 2021 

“Come and visit a country with connected mentalities, and discover its flexible environment.
Using your universal purchasing power, invest in the disruptive products of our chief happiness
officers. "

Welcome to Toxistan, an artificial country whose well-known slogan, “connecting people”
reminds us that we are all interconnected and bathed in artificial happiness.
You are invited to enter a universe borrowing from the kitsch and retro futuristic aesthetic
of the propaganda of North Korea and other authoritarian societies frozen in another time.
Through a series of painted wooden signs co-produced, the contrast between pastel and
suave tones (respecting the chromatic codes of the time) and the association of "Bullshit
words" leads us to position ourselves in front of this form of communication both outdated
and contemporary.
In Toxistan, one wonders about the real goals of this new generation propaganda.
What do they really want to sell us? New technologies ?
A sanitized lifestyle or, on the contrary, stupefying?

5G for everyone?