Olivier "2SHY"
Graphic designer & visual artist / Freelance
Born in 1976,
Lives and works in Paris, France.


From exposure on railways to space of galleries, making giant paintings or visuals for artists and brands identity, 2SHY manages to cross the lines between illegal activism and institutional projects. He explores a groundbreaking visual content through a chameleon palett and a visionary writing, continually diversifying supports with same requirements. By hands and from his computer, 2SHY creates a multifaceted language where he can transpose legacy of his culture and mediums of 2.0 Era.
2SHY exchanges with agencies, His attractive work has been shown in galleries and art fairs, marketing campaigns, cultural institutions, artists covers and independent editions, 2SHY drawings bring a touch instantly recognizable / Pioneer lettering / friendship adventures all over the world.

/ Exhibitions

November 2014 - "SHADOWS PLAY", Charleroi, Belgique (TBA)
June 2014 - "MILES UNLIMITED TOURING CLUB PARIS" With HONET, Target Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
May 2014 - "JUST BEFORE BRAZIL", A.L.I.C.E. Gallery, Bruxelles, Belgique
May 2014 - "SAUCISSE CURRY", Urban Spree Gallery, Berlin, Germany
March 2014 - "HONG KONG ART FAIR", Mr Chow and Associates Gallery, Hong Kong
January 2014 - "AN IMPOSSIBLE JOURNEY", Association d'Idées Gallery, Marseille, France
December 2013 - "WOK STORE", Milano, Italy
July 2013 - "BURN YARD PROJECT", Budapest, Hungary
June 2013 - "PROSESSIFESTIVAALI FESTIVAL", Helsinki, Finland
May 2012 - "T.I.G. #6 "HIT PARADE", Confluences, Paris, France
January 2011 - "KURT & KELLY", K+K Gallery, Bruxelles, Belgium
November 2010 - "MURALISSIMO" LAVRA Gallery, Kiev, Ukrain
June 2010 - "V.A.D.", Kamchatka Gallery, Paris, France
September 2009 - "TRIPLE TROUBLE 2" With CREAM & SO_ME, Lazy dog Gallery, Paris, France
June 2009 - "SUMMER SHOW" With the V.O.D, Olivier Robert Gallery, Paris, France
May 2009 - "JNC", Le Hangard, Liège, Belgique
April 2009 - "VOD" With the V.O.D., Carhartt Gallery, Bordeaux, France
March 2009 - "TRIPLE TROUBLE" With CREAM & SO_ME, A.L.I.C.E. Gallery, Bruxelles, Belgique
January 2009 - "FESTIVAL DE LIEGE" With the V.O.D, Couleurs Gallery, Liège, Belgique
November 2008 - "CITE RAP" With the V.O.D, la passerelle, Scène Nationale, St Brieuc, France
October 2008 - "DRIPSY 2" With the V.O.D, Olivier Robert Gallery, Istanbul Arts Fair, Turquie
June 2008 - "DRIPSY" With the V.O.D, Olivier Robert Gallery, Paris, France
April 2008 - "POSTER EXHIBITION" With R.V.O. Veals & Geeks Gallery, Bruxelles, Belgique
January 2008 - "PROJECT ROOM" With the V.O.D. Aliceday Gallery , Bruxelles, Belgique
October 2005 - "TALENTS" With THE ERS, Tour et Taxis, Bruxelles, Belgique
April 2005 - "N.Y.F.: IN A NEW FUTURE" With THE ERS, Recyclart, Bruxelles, Belgique
January 2005 - "BREAD & BUTTER" With THE ERS, Berlin, Allemagne
November 2004 - "LUX MARKET" With THE ERS, Espace Beaurepaire, Paris, France
May 2004 - "A FAMILLY" With THE ERS, Plin Tub’ Gallery, Bruxelles, Belgique